December riddle...

guess the languages :-)

Hyvää joulua
Buon natale
¡Feliz Navidad!
Merry christmas
Joyeux Noël
Frohe Weihnacht  
Prettig kerstfeest  
Gëzuar Krishtlindjet

SOLUTION: the languages are German, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Belgian, Albanian, Finnish
... but not in that order ;-)


DIY Ursa Constellations:two stellar bears!

I made a special gift for a little girl that love bears

I embroider the "Great Bear" of the night sky
...and taa-daa!!

then,the "little dipper"
I sewed the two bears with my super-machine

...and this is my gift finished:
 two special bears to light up the night
and soften the dream.

Good night!


A lot of Braille-Dot!

A new tactil book is coming for the contest "TOCCA A TE"...

for this occasion we had buy a "tavoletta Braille" (the red one in the photo) 
and all the member of the family work hard to learn Braille 
and to make the own Braille messange.  


More dandelions sketch

Sketch of child of 8 years old
Sketch of child of 10 years old

I have proposed the ScienceLab with another group of children more bigger,
it's interesting to note the attentions of the details,
 the care about colors (very similar to reality),
the different observation capacity in the two ages.


ScienceLab for kids: dandelions!

This Lab teach to children to observe the world
 and help they to go beyond the stereotype of a flower 

A child of 5 years old have observed and drawn each part of the plant
The sketch of a child of 3 years old, with a little assistance of teacher
(note the difference of details with the 5 years old)

A small workshop with children (3-5 years) about science & nature:
we have searched the dandelion in the garden,
we have observed how it is made 
(the leaves, the seeds, the dandelion clock, the flowers&petals, ...)
and then we have tried to draw it :-)

...other sketch of children of 5 years old


Super easy costume for Carnival


add an old sheet (cut it in a looong rectangle with a hole for the head)

then stamp your card (girl at work)

....taa-daaaaa!!! (the end)

p.s. this is a perfect costume for a team...
you can create the whole deck of cards :-)